Anyone can take a photo, but only a professional can capture the rollercoaster of emotions you’ll feel throughout your wedding day.

And I’m so down for it.

The nerves of watching the love of your life see you for the first time in your dream dress, the relief of getting through your wedding day without breaking down in tears of happiness, the pure joy and excitement of walking out hand in hand with your new husband, and all the fun dancing with your family and friends? Count me in!

But the best part?

Watching you fall in love all over again as soon as you see your photos and videos, not being able to wipe the smile off your face and sharing them with your friends and family for years to come.

Trust me, it makes the backaches and sore feet so. damn. worth it!


If you’re not obsessed with your wedding photographer & videographer, it’s going to be a long day!

Here are some things you should probably know…

Born in Iraq and growing up in Lebanon before moving to Australia in 2005, I married my husband in 2020 and fun fact – my team shot my wedding for me (obviously, there’s no one else I’d trust). With a double degree in photography and screen production, my photography and videography style is influenced by fine art and fashion photography (… because wedding dresses are an art form on their own).

The middle child and creative of my big loud family (I’m 1 of 7), I’ve shot hundreds of culturally diverse weddings over the years.

Hawraa Abboud posing for her photography
Traditional wedding photoshoot production

what started out as a passion for one girl...

Quickly grew into a team of women who are just as passionate to support you as Hawraa is (because your vibe attracts your tribe) and we’re here to be your tribe.

We’re the passionate pros, the photographers, and the videographers you need.

We make sure you walk away with lifetime memories that you are OBSESSED with!

And that you remember your BIG DAY as

The. Best. Day. Ever.

Hawraa filmed my Turkish Traditional Hens Night and it turned out better than I imagined. I am so happy with it all and her professionalism. I’m very picky with everything and I’m so glad I went ahead with her. She’s amazing at what she does, I can’t thank her enough!
Dilay and Ali

Do you think we’re a match made in heaven?