Client Love

Hifza and Badar Traditional Wedding Event with Photography
I want to say a massive THANK YOU to Hawraa. She was not only the photographer of the day but she made my whole day feel like a breeze, i felt like I was the most relaxed bride all because of her. She did not only take amazing photos and show so much care in her work, she was also making me feel special and heled me every step of the way at my wedding. Went out of her way. I felt like she was more my friend who cared about me and my wedding rather than my wedding photographer. Not only me but my whole family was WOW’d by her professionalism and genuine care. As a bride being stressed on the day, it’s so valuable to have someone that makes your day easier and more enjoyable for you. My day would not have been what it was without you. THANK YOU SO MUCH
– Ghazal
I wanted to say I have finally sat down and properly looked at all the photos and wanted to say thank you so much for capturing my wedding and katb kitab so beautifully and authentically. You made the process so easy and made me feel very comfortable as I am really camera shy.

– Sara and Abdul

Salam Hawraa, just wanted to say that we loved how the pictures and videos turned out so much – watched multiple times😄 I am amazed by how it was all put together so well. It was beyond our expectations. Thank you again for guiding us and making me feel comfortable on my special day. JazakAlla
– Nasri and Aisyah
Aleena and Ahsan Wedding Ceremnoy Photography with the Bride and Groom
Aleena the bride at her wedding
We went through Hawraa for our wedding. She was great and excellent. The quality of her work is amazing. We loved our wedding photos. They were top quality. The videography of our wedding was amazing. Definetly worth (it) and I am glad we went through Hawraa. We couldn’t have asked for anything better! Thank you for your amazing work
– Lena and Abdul
We want to give a massive shout out to Hawraa Abboud, the lovely photographer for our wedding. The photos were beautiful and her approach, manner and personality was first class. Thank you so much, Hawraa for giving us special memories to keep of our wonderful day.

– Brett and Tiphanie

Hanan and Ahmad dancing together at their wedding
Aisyah bridal photography
Nyasha and Sabah Wedding photography event
Hifza and Badar wedding ring after vows photography
I wanted to say thank you, I went through the package last night, Mash Allaah, Amazing wallah, I loved the video a lot. It was so worth it. Thanks for your effort, you have been excellent. I am glad we went through you.
– Abdul and Lena
Hawraa how do I even thank you for capturing this wedding in the most beautiful way possible, you went above anything I could ever imagine. Your professionalism, your amazing personality, your kindness and how you made all the guests feel so comfortable. Thank you so so so much and I’m so excited to see all the memories you’ve captured. (especially of Me).
– Aleena and Ahsan
Thank you so much for being there for me on my big day. Love your personality soo much.
– Sara and Ikram
I want to say a massive THANK YOU to you Hawraa the moment I saw the photos I cried of joy, these photos are amazing you’ve made this time of our lives unforgettable. Everything is so perfect we can absolutely not thank you enough!! It was lovely meeting you (such an awesome and beautiful person) . My husband and I thank you sooooo soooo much!
– Asli and Ibrahim
The ladies were really nice. They made me feel very comfortable…
– Ebru and Metin
I am grateful for having such an amazing sister who is extremely talented to photograph my day in the most beautiful and special way. The wedding video was amazing. We loved it so much and didn’t want to stop watching it. I am SOOOO GLAD I did that getting ready shoot!!!
– Hanin and Youssef
Oh my god Hawraaaaaaa!! I love your work. I honestly can’t thank you enough. Your skills are amazing. I’m so glad I chose you for my BIG DAY! Legit I can’t stop watching my wedding video and going through my pictures. I love you sooo much babe. Everything was worth the wait.
– Sara and Ikram

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