Aleena and Ahsan

Nights so rich in culture and traditions

Aleena and Ahsan reached out a year before their grand, royal-like wedding. We were delighted to be a part of it. As in many Pakistani weddings, the celebrations go on for multiple days. They had a traditional henna night at Fusion 6, filled with dancing, performances including Ahsan’s as he played the guitar for his wife and sang her a beautiful song, a romantic gesture that was out of the movies. They left all the guests (and us) mesmerized by their heart touching romance.

The next day was the reception. Ahsan looked handsome in his sherwani and Aleena looked like a Bollywood bride with her incredibly detailed wedding lehenga (dress) and her royal veil.A red dress with the different shades of green at Hyde Park Perth made the shots look absolutely perfect.

They had an incredibly magical reception at Burswood on Swan. The night was filled with heart touching speeches from both families and traditions, such as the doodh Pilai, where the groom has to pay up to get a cup of milk. That milk is given as a symbol of prosperity that the bride will carry into the groom’s life.We absolutely love witnessing these traditions, and understanding the significance behind it makes them even more special.

We’ve always wanted to capture a Pakistani wedding and we were honored to be part of A + A’s big day. The photos were magic and the video looked like a bollywood movie! We’re so glad they loved them as much as we loved creating them.


What they said:

Do you think we’re a match made in heaven?