Salih and Yeliz

Salih and Yeliz were such a beautiful couple to capture.

From the moment we met them at Hyde Park it was all smiles and laughter all around. The dress was absolutely incredible and looked so magical in those mid air shots and the slo-mo video shots looked perfect. The timing couldn’t be better for the outdoor shoot as it was golden hour and the sun gave us such mesmerizing glares in the photos as well as the videos.

At the hens party, the entrance with her girls was magical as they welcomed Yeliz with a flash mob from all angles of the hall. (Side note: We’ve had the pleasure to do 4 of these girls’ hens and the rest are still single so hopefully we’ll get to see more performances). We always look forward to seeing the entrance with the girls and how creative they’re going to be. This performance definitely delivered. Not to mention, the belly dancer that wowed us and the guests after dinner.

For the second entrance,Salih and Yeliz entered together for the traditional henna. Her traditional dress was stunning. This is always an emotional part of the night however with all those beautiful flowers, they looked so whimsical.

This was another wonderful Turkish hens night captured in photos and videos for the couple to relive and remember for years to come!


What they said:

Do you think we’re a match made in heaven?