Mind blowing shots you need to get with your veil

1. Under the Veil

Capturing intimate moments under the veil with you and your partner holding each other close. It’s a creative way to get a couple portrait

2. In the air

Throwing the veil in the air and capturing it mid-air is always magic! Have your bridesmaid or someone  to help you with this one. We usually get the videographer to throw it in the air and then I do it again for her to get a video shot, think slow mo shot of the veil flying in the air! STUNNING!!

3. From the back

Have you look back at us, we can see that beautiful veil draping over your back in all of its glory and still capture a gorgeous shot of you 

4. Holding the side

This involves me holding the veil with one hand and taking a photo with the other (easier said than done ) but so worth it! By holding the veil in the direction of the wind, All I need to do is hold it and the wind does its thing = breath-taking shot! 

5. Over the face

And of course getting a shot of you with the veil over your face is a must!

Do you think we’re a match made in heaven?