Top photoshoot locations in Perth for 2023

As Perth wedding photographers and videographers, we get to shoot at beautiful locations in Perth and all across Western Australia. Some of these locations are well known whilst others have been our little secret, but not anymore.

A frequently asked question when we have our free consult with our couples is they don’t know where to go for their location photoshoot, well  we’ve spent years finding these locations followed by countless wedding photoshoots at each location. That means we know exactly where to take you and where the best hidden spots are for that canvas worth shot!

The best part is that these locations are so different to each other that there’s something to suit everyone whether you prefer luscious nature and greenery as your backdrop or unique architecture or maybe you want both? How about the Perth’s skyline ? and no I don’t mean King’s Park. Read this to know our top finds.


One of our favourite locations to do your location shoot at. There’s two things that make this location ideal and these are; the architecture and the gardens. The stunning architecture especially the grand colonnades and arches provide the most picture perfect, timeless and classic backdrop for wedding photos and videos.

The palm trees and luscious gardens, mainly the Sunken Garden give wedding photos and videos the perfect greenery backdrop. Just see these photos for yourself.

LOCATION TIP: Make sure you book in 2 hours in your wedding day timeline for couple photos at this location especially if your bridal party and/or your family will be joining.


Similar to UWA, it’s a classic location for wedding  photos + videos in Perth. It’s a garden surrounded by luscious greenery and unique historical architecture, it has gorgeous limestone staircases with beautifully manicured gardens AND it has a secret garden (captured below). This is actually a well kept secret in Perth and not many couples know about it, making it a perfect location if you want something different and unique.  You can visit it for free but needs to be booked in advance if you want a wedding shoot here. We handle it for you so you don’t need to worry.

LOCATION TIP: Same as UWA, book in 2 hours if your bridal party/ family is joining. PLUS, It’s not a central location so it’s make sure you consider travel to and from in your wedding day timeline.


This beautiful location is situated in the heart of the city making it convenient to and from most wedding reception venues.  There’s many little spots at this park that are perfect for a wedding shoot or even pre-wedding, engagement and hens . The colours contrast so well with white AND other bright colours eg. Red, Purple…


A hidden gem, Araluen Botanic Park is located in the Perth’s Hills, filled with beautiful gardens, impressive flower collections especially in spring. The stunning scenery will turn the backdrop into a multi-coloured canvas, offering you the perfect setting for your wedding photos.

LOCATION TIP: Since it’s quite a fair distance away, make sure you consider travel to and from in your wedding day timeline.


This locationis full of secret spots, a shoot there looks like you’ve been to multiple locations. It is perfect for weddings as well as pre-weddings, engagements and even maternity shoots. The Scented Gardens provides a beautiful view of Perth skyscrapers and the Swan River and then just a short walk away you have beautiful hedges that look like you’re inside a maze and beautiful hidden gems that even the locals don’t know exist.

LOCATION TIP: Getting there is so simple but sometimes the GPS takes you to the wrong parking area,you need to park in Parking 2 for easy access. This is the address:

99-89 S Perth Esplanade, South Perth WA 6151


Lusciously green all around and it even has gorgeous palm trees and cute little bridge.It is located in the heart of the city making it an easy choice if you don’t have time to travel to far locations for your outdoor photoshoot.


I feel like I’ve said this about all the locations, but this truly is a unique location. As the name suggests, it’s an open field that dries out in summer which creates a beautiful canvas on it’s own but it’s even better as a backdrop for your wedding or pre-wedding shoots or even a maternity shoot! It has the cutest little white cottage and some gorgeous little spots placed all over.

LOCATION TIP: It’s quite a fair distance away which makes it perfect for pre-wedding but if you want to do your wedding day shoot, make sure you consider travel to and from in your timeline.

We know that choosing a location can be difficult whether it’s for your pre-wedding or wedding photoshoot. Our brides ask us all the time on our free consults for a suggestion and these locations are always mentioned. We ask our clients all the details and work together to narrow down the best choice for them on our free consults.

The decision is ultimately yours and I hope with this guide, it has now become an easier decision to make. Ask yourself which category you most prefer (greenery, architecture…etc) and look at the locations available for you. Remember, you can always travel to two locations if you can’t choose just one.

I’d be this happy to help you decide which location suits you. We offer free consults where we answer all your questions and reduce stress as you plan your wedding day. Here’s the link

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